Awana is over for the year but will start back up in the fall on September 6th.  Thank you to all who served as directors, leaders, listeners, games leaders, secretaries, store clerks, substitute leaders, and helpers.    

  • A huge, great big THANK YOU to everyone who donated items and money for the Awana Store this year.  Because of you, we were able to service 50-80 kids each month, most of them purchasing multiple items each time.  Although Awana is over until next September, please know that you can still make donations.
  •  A special THANK YOU to the awesome ladies and gentlemen who helped prepare and serve Awana Outreach Dinners each Wednesday night, this year.  It was always a blessing and treat.  Please help us thank these incredible people the next time you see them around.  Dennis and Ava Burbank, Jim and Phillis VanRiper, Betty Cooper, Janet Pell, Sharla Draper, Shirley Mumm, and also to those who contributed food and money.  THANK YOU to the Sunday Night Small Group for cleaning up after dinners so the Awana game floor was ready to be played on!

Call Sarah Comstock at 719-275-1074 for more information.

What is AWANA?

AWANA stands for “Approved workmen are not ashamed” (2 Timothy 2:15). AWANA was founded in 1950 as an
international, nondenominational Bible-centered children’s and youth ministry. The program is committed to evangelism and the discipleship of children and youth. Discipling our children is perhaps one of the most important things we can do for this generation as they are the future of the church. Consider the statistics that only nine percent of Christian youth and one third of born again adults believe in absolute truth. George Barna warns, “The church must focus on children andchildren’s ministry. We have virtually lost a generation, we cannot afford to lose another one.” AWANA is dedicated to getting as much of God’s word as deep into the hearts of as many children as possible so that they can be the nextgeneration to proclaim God’s truths.

What do you do at AWANA?

Each night at Awana the kids will participate in a large group teaching time where they will learn about a Bible Biography or learn a Bible concept, sing worship songs, play energetic games and meet with leaders during small group time. There are different themes for each night such as crazy hair night or glow in the dark night as well as monthly missions projects and service opportunities.

A key feature of AWANA is scripture memorization. Each child receives a handbook once they complete their entrance booklet. Sparks and T&T students are encouraged to work their way through their handbooks at their own pace. In the handbooks are verses to memorize. We want children to commit scripture to memory so it is, as we read in Psalm 119:11, hidden in their hearts.

Call Sarah Comstock at 719-275-1074 if you have any questions.