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Love God Greatly Ladies On line Bible Study: Or Words Matter

They have the power to influence our lives in very significant ways.

Whether it's talking to our family, texting our riends, or the silent words we think to ourselves, they all matter. What we speak, think, type, or write has the power to bless or curse, encourage or defeat, build up or tear down. Our words shape thinking, influence actions, and change lives. We need to learn to use our words wisely because words carry great consequences.

In this four-week Love God Greatly study, we will dig into God's Word and learn what He says about His Word, the words we speak to ourselves, the words we speak to others, and the words that change the world. Through this study, we will learn to honor God and others with the words that we speak. We will learn life-changing truths that will influence the words we say and think. No longer will our words be idle: we will harness the power within them and choose to use them for good.

We pray this study gives us great insight into how we can consistently speak words that give life and transform lives. In this study, we will look at different verses which address various issues like:

  • Who controls your mouth?

  • Speaking words that give life.

  • The kind of words we speak to ourselves.

  • What God says about us.

  • When to hold our tongue.

  • Online voices ... just to list a few!