Christian Education Classes

A variety of classes will be offered again starting in September


Summertime Study

Begins Wednesday, June 21st at 7 pm in the CFF Office.

What You Need To Know About Islam and Muslims, by George W, Braswell, Jr. The discussion will be led by Pastor Jeff and will meet Wednesday evenings for approximately 8 weeks.

Starts Sunday, June 4th @10:45 in the CFF Office

---with Pastor Jeff for Adults & High School Students


Several people have expressed interest in becoming a member of our church, which is exciting!  Attendance at the Discovery Class is one requirement for CFF church membership.  We’ll look into the Bible and Discussing Questions Like:  What do we believe? What is our purpose, mission and direction? What are the church ordinances? What is our history and how are we organized? What do we believe about marriage? What is church membership? What are spiritual gifts and what are my spiritual gifts? How can I serve God through the church?